Personal Heroes

A Personal Hero for me is an ordinary person that I personally know and that I know that has made extraordinary things. They are those persons that we admire for some specific quality and/or by their way of living in general.

They are friends, relatives or work colleagues, with which we interact with in our day by day, that we have them with us and that sometimes sadly we don't identify them, neither value them.

Any person that has something positive to teach you, that his or her presence in your life makes you good, that motivates you to grow, that inspires you to be a better person, that generates you smiles and well-being, could be your personal hero.

Identify your own Personal Heroes, make conscious of all the valuable people you have around you, and -hopefully if they are alive or they are not any more- learn from them and honor them following their teachings.

My Ant Marilu

A living example of great love for life Premier Thursday September 23rd, 2021 (Complete Video)


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